Nancy Bartlett

Nancy BartlettI’ll always be a Whidbey girl at heart, though I left the island in the summer of 2012 and now live in Boston, aboard a sailboat named Sunshine, writing and planning a cruise to warm southern waters as soon as the ice melts.

I’ve published essays, travel and humor but my real love is fiction. On my hard drive are half a dozen novels awaiting their final edits. Current work includes designing websites using WordPress and publishing e-books. Buy my three small essay collections Panic in Any Other Language, O 2 B MFK and The Doppler Effect on Amazon.

An aficionado of salt water, I write about life along the coast at Tidal Life and about writing and reading on my portfolio site, at Adverbs and Stir I submit pieces that don’t fit neatly in my usual niches and serve as blog mama, Luddite pusher and disruptive presence.